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Our Services

Intutive CPA provides Tax Return Processing Services

We provide tax processing support by serving as our client's tax preparation staff thus eliminating the need to engage temporary personnel during the CPA's peak season.

The CPA practitioner obtains the necessary tax information from the client and either emails the original data or uploads the data into our secure electronic data repository.  He or she also shall provide any other information that is relevant to the preparation of the tax return.


We will prepare a draft of the return  and perform the initial review. 


After a satisfactory  review by our professionals we will provide a draft to the CPA practitioner for his or her final review. We will make any requested revisions. 


The CPA practitioner may review the final version and file the return electronically.

Tax Processing
Form 1040,1065,1120
State  Returns

In case the CPA practitioners have clients who are US Citizens, Green card holders (Permanent Residents) or US Persons for federal tax filling purposes residing outside of US and need any assistance in complying with the expat IRS filing requirements, please feel free to connect with us.


You can visit our website for more details on US Expat Services

  • US Federal (Form 1040) and State Tax return for Expatiates

  • Annual FBAR (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts)

  • Form 8938 reporting (FATCA) and

  • Streamlined Foreign Offshore procedures for US taxpayers

 US Expat Tax Services
 Bookkeeping Services

The staff of Intutive CPA Support has the capability  to perform bookkeeping services on behalf of the CPA practitioner.

  • Balance sheet and income statement

  • Preparation of cash receipts and disbursements

  • Posting to general ledger

  • Preparation of bank reconciliation

  • Preparation of depreciation and amortization schedules

  • Preparation of monthly budget and cash flows

  • Preparation of month end reporting

 Other Services

FATCA- Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act:

We offer the following FATCA compliance services:


  • Obtaining Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN)

  • Register with the respective countries revenue authority

  • Carrying out Due Diligence procedure and

  • Reporting relevant FATCA information of any accounts held by US person with the respective countries revenue authority

Other Services:

K-1 Services: We offer K-1 services for US Investment partnerships.


K1 for Investment vehicles-US Investors in the fund covers : 

Foreign Currency related computation per Sec. 988, Stapled securities analysis, Sec.1256 analysis, Contribution in kind analysis & setup,Underlying PFIC & K1 upload, Wash sales computation, Reconciliation of temporary tax adjustment of the relation to unrealized gain / loss, MTM & Dividend receivable, Qualified dividend analysis, Foreign tax credit by country analysis, Dividend & Interest by country analysis for DTA relief  and PERT/CPM based proprietary process to ensure quick turnaround.

PFIC Services: 

  • Election, Analysis, Setup, determination leading to PFIC status

  • Analysis and preparation of the PFIC Annual Information Statement and related shareholders allocation

Employer Identification Number and Individual Tax Identification Number (EIN/ITIN):


We provide assistance in obtaining EIN and ITIN 

Bookkeeping Services
Tax Processing, US Expat Tax Services and Other Services
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